Mixed Media Art

Wood, paper collage,acrylic paint and graphite
Paper, graphite,ink and watercolour crayon

Wood, paper collage,graphite,acrylic paint

Canvas, acrylic paint, graphite
Paper, felt pen, ink, watercolour
Paper, graphite and coloured pencil

Canvas, paper collage,graphite, acrylic paint

Paper, acrylic paint,graphite, watercolour pencil

Paper, graphite, watercolour crayon,acrylic

Paper, graphite, watercolour crayon

Paper, collage,graphite

Paper, graphite, acrylic paint
Wood, paper collage, watercolour crayon, graphite

Canvas, graphite, watercolour crayon and acrylic

Paper, acrylic paint, graphite, watercolour pencil

Wood, paper collage, graphite, acrylic paint

Canvas, paper collage, graphite, acrylic paint