Saturday, 24 January 2015

Intense colour with Inktense

I have a set of Inktense watercolour pencils and they are just awesome.... I don't know what I did without them, the colours are mixable and soooo vibrant, they just make everything pop.  I have used them a lot in my journal of late and because I adored them so much,  I actually asked  for a set of Inktense blocks for Christmas which I happily received and made me grin from ear to ear :)

This page was created with acrylics and Inktense pencils and they work really well together but I just know it will be faster and easier to create luscious backgrounds with the blocks and I'm really going to have some fun playing,  so watch this space.

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Chris x

Monday, 5 January 2015

Home Decor

Sometimes it's just cool to design and create wall art to suit your own decor instead of searching those packed shops looking for something that will 'fit' or appeal.  My latest wall art pieces are full of colour and doodles and pretty hand painted frames just make them pop.

It was time consuming doing this piece and altering the frame as it's large,  but it was sooooo worth it in the end.  My home decor palette is changing in tandem with my art I think.  Did I mention that colour just brightens my day so much.  Not for me beige and cream... I have to keep a little bit of a tight rein on myself or I would get carried away and everyone would need sunglasses to come into my home.

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Chris x

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Who doesn't love flowers...

.... the beauty of them, the scent of them and their delicateness.  I love to look out into my garden in the Summer and look at the myriad of colours that appear day by day.  I have to say that I'm not a fan of Winter because although it can look pretty when snow falls... I just HATE being cold!

My art journal is the best place to bring those flowers alive during the miserable winter months, popping with colour they can continue to make me smile and look forward to warmer, drier days.

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Chris x

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Everything New....

..... A New Year,  A New Blog and New Art waiting to be created and shared.  I hope you will join me in my Artful pursuits and hope they will bring you as much joy, as creating them will bring to me.  At the moment I find myself burying my head in my Art journals whenever I have a spare moment.   I have no rules.... my mood dictates what comes.... I can completely lose myself in a page although often I flit from one journal to another without completing any pages at all.  It's all about the experiment and the fun.  I adore starting a new journal and I've made my first one for 2015 and can't wait to 'get stuck in' lol  I will be sharing as I go along and as I don't have any particular style whilst art journalling,  every page is as much a surprise to me as it will be to you.   I will be joining in with a few artistic challenges over the year to keep me inspired and to keep my art fresh so I hope you will enjoy the results.
I will begin by sharing with you a couple of my latest journal pages... they make me happy...I hope they make you happy too.

I love to doodle and do hand lettering and I can spend hours doing just that.  My only problem sometimes is that I forget where to stop. Time stands still when I have a pen or pencil in my hand. I totally lose myself.

I like to use quotes and include messages to myself in some of my journal pages.  Just little reminders and affirmations that mean something to me.  Other times I just enjoy colour and shapes and whatever is, just is. 

Thank you for visiting
Chris x