Thursday, 1 January 2015

Everything New....

..... A New Year,  A New Blog and New Art waiting to be created and shared.  I hope you will join me in my Artful pursuits and hope they will bring you as much joy, as creating them will bring to me.  At the moment I find myself burying my head in my Art journals whenever I have a spare moment.   I have no rules.... my mood dictates what comes.... I can completely lose myself in a page although often I flit from one journal to another without completing any pages at all.  It's all about the experiment and the fun.  I adore starting a new journal and I've made my first one for 2015 and can't wait to 'get stuck in' lol  I will be sharing as I go along and as I don't have any particular style whilst art journalling,  every page is as much a surprise to me as it will be to you.   I will be joining in with a few artistic challenges over the year to keep me inspired and to keep my art fresh so I hope you will enjoy the results.
I will begin by sharing with you a couple of my latest journal pages... they make me happy...I hope they make you happy too.

I love to doodle and do hand lettering and I can spend hours doing just that.  My only problem sometimes is that I forget where to stop. Time stands still when I have a pen or pencil in my hand. I totally lose myself.

I like to use quotes and include messages to myself in some of my journal pages.  Just little reminders and affirmations that mean something to me.  Other times I just enjoy colour and shapes and whatever is, just is. 

Thank you for visiting
Chris x


Carol said...

Woop - love the cover and page - great to see your makes again xx

Karen Gist said...

What a joy it is to have you back in blogland my lovely! Your work is always really inspiring! These pages are stunning and your affirmations perfect! Hugs xxx