Saturday, 24 January 2015

Intense colour with Inktense

I have a set of Inktense watercolour pencils and they are just awesome.... I don't know what I did without them, the colours are mixable and soooo vibrant, they just make everything pop.  I have used them a lot in my journal of late and because I adored them so much,  I actually asked  for a set of Inktense blocks for Christmas which I happily received and made me grin from ear to ear :)

This page was created with acrylics and Inktense pencils and they work really well together but I just know it will be faster and easier to create luscious backgrounds with the blocks and I'm really going to have some fun playing,  so watch this space.

Thanks for visiting
Chris x


Artyjen said...

Lovely colour combo. XoxoSioux

Jackie Beeman said...

Bright and cheery! ❤️

Karen Gist said...

Crikey! How did I miss this post!!! I too adore my Inktense pencils and are my go-to for colouring stamped images. I have never thought to use them with acrylics so thank you for that little heads up darling! What you have done here is sooo pretty! Hugs xxx

Debs said...

I was so, sooooo jel when I saw you using your magic pencils today Chriss. I WANT some! Have to wait til the bet's over with Chrissy and Cheryl first though 😁 !