Monday, 5 January 2015

Home Decor

Sometimes it's just cool to design and create wall art to suit your own decor instead of searching those packed shops looking for something that will 'fit' or appeal.  My latest wall art pieces are full of colour and doodles and pretty hand painted frames just make them pop.

It was time consuming doing this piece and altering the frame as it's large,  but it was sooooo worth it in the end.  My home decor palette is changing in tandem with my art I think.  Did I mention that colour just brightens my day so much.  Not for me beige and cream... I have to keep a little bit of a tight rein on myself or I would get carried away and everyone would need sunglasses to come into my home.

Thanks for visiting
Chris x


Carol said...

Definitely worth the effort lovely bright pic xx

Karen Gist said...

I can just imagine your home and I wouldn't need sunglasses as I would just grin and soak up the fabulous colours that you use!!!! This picture is gorgeous my lovely xxx

Shashi Nayagam said...

It is lovely and why should you go and buy when you can create such lovely art